Welcome to Let's DO Hosting!

Hi, my name is Jay and I run LDH from Ghent, Belgium.
I was born in 1989 and I've been Hosting Game Servers from around 2005.

I too have been renting Game Servers from Game Server Hosting Providers all over,
But, I always felt like they all charged me way to much in my honest opinion.

You will definitely have had the same feeling as I have had,
Especially, when you know it's just not worth all that hard earned cash!

It's time for a Big Change!

Paying for Higher CPU Priority or for a Better CPU?
If no one has it, no one suffers and we only host on the Latest Hardware!

Paying for more Players connected?
This is a deprecated way of thinking that was required 10 years ago!

Paying Extra for RAM, Disk Space?
We have no such limitations except for fair-use!

What if we all collectively paid the same amount for our Game Servers?

It's GAME OVER For Overpriced Game Servers!

Promotion: First 3 Days are Free!

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¹ Please make your own backups, until further notice.
² When supported by the Game.
³ When requested by the Customer.