Terms of Service

By Registering an Account with Let's DO Hosting (a.k.a. "LDH"), you automatically and fully agree to these Terms of Service.

Support Policy:
We offer these Game Servers as-is, meaning we will provide support,
Unless you altered the Game Files in such a way the Game Server would not be considered "Vanilla" anymore. (For example: Installed mods)
In such case we have the right to no longer provide In-Depth Support to any Game Servers which are failing to start, unresponsive or repeatedly crash,
While still providing Basic Support on issues with our Control Panel or the Discord Bot.

Why Such Limited Support? - We want to keep a Low-Cost approach for all parties involved, you the Client and all other Clients as well.
You could possibly find additional Community Support on our Support Discord or elsewhere on the WWW.

Refund Policy:
All Power Token Purchases are Final.

Will This Ever Change? - Yes, but for now LDH is a Start-up Company which still 100% relies on all income plus then some.

Maximum 7 Stopped Server Limit:
We have created our system around the idea of being flexible, you can switch between upto 7 Stopped Servers at any time of the day.
When you have an 8th Server which is running and decide to stop it, it would replace one of the other 7, the one which has been stopped for the longest time.
Each Stopped Server is subject to deactivation 30 days after it was last stopped.
What this does is release the Free Dedicated IP Address and Ports that said server was using.
When this happens your files are saved one last time, the most recent version is stored for later use,
when you choose to reactivate it or is subjected to be replaced, according to the Maximum 7 Stopped Server Limit.

UNDO!? - There is no way to undo this, it replaced one of the other servers, which has been deleted. Gone Forever.

LDH Reserves the rights to alter these Terms of Service as we see fit, without notifying you, the client.